Courses Fall 2022

Course Descriptions

    ETHST 76 Introduction to African-American Studies

    Professor Jordan Bell, BA, M.A. (State University of New York- New Paltz)
    Professor Jason Seals, B.A. (San Jose State University), M.A. (State University of New York- Albany)

    This course is an introduction to African-American Studies centered on black lives and experiences. Drawing from the humanities, the performing arts, the social sciences and cinema, students will examine the profound contributions of African-American cultures that are central to America. This multidisciplinary course approaches African-American Studies as simultaneously authentically American while also embedded with a global black diaspora stretching from the Caribbean to Europe to Asia. Students will examine themes like black resistance, white supremacy, large-scale migration and multiracial coalition building are examined to illustrate the multifaceted dimensions of African-American cultures and black lives, inside and outside of America.

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    0659 Classroom MW 3 pm – 430 pm Late Start Hybrid (Seals)
    0682 Online Late Start (Bell)

    ETHST 73 Introduction to Asian American Studies

    Professor Stephanie Chang BA (University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign), MA (UCLA)

    While Asian Americans are often seen as forever-foreigners, they are inextricably woven into the fabric of the United States. Students will learn the diverse and complex experiences and origins of Asian Americans; this course will explore the epistemologies, intersectional identities, histories, and societal impact of Americans of East Asian, Pacific Islander, South Asian, and Southeast Asian descent.

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    0373 Online Late Start (9/12)

    ETHST 75 Introduction to Chicanx & Latinx Studies

    Dr. Moises Santos BA (California State- Dominguez Hills), MA (UCLA), Ph.D. (New Mexico)

    In this course, students will study the Chicanx and Latinx communities and cultures in U.S. society from Indigenous civilizations to the present. Chicanx and Latinx contributions to U.S. society are examined by using an interdisciplinary approach, including social and behavioral sciences, humanities, literature, art, and music.

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    0400 Online
    0383 Online Late Start (9/12)

    ETHST 77 Introduction to Ethnic Studies 

    Ethnic Studies Faculty

    This course is an introduction to Ethnic Studies. The students will examine the cultural, economic, legal and environmental conditions under which different ethnic groups have made a home in America. The term “ethnic” is reframed to explicitly include white colonists and settlers in order to examine the legacy of colonialism, economic oppression and white supremacy against Indigenous peoples, non-white settlers, immigrants and refugees. Students will study key figures, moments and movements in multi-ethnic conflict; cooperation and solidarity are examined to illustrate the strength and influence of the people, old and new, who made, and are remaking America.

    Course Outline


    0643 Online, Chang
    0439 Classroom TTH 6 pm – 730 pm Emeritus 1509, Bell
    0645 Online Late Start, Seals (9/12)

    ETHST 70 Introduction to Native American Studies 

    Professor Lori Laiwa Thomas BA, MA (California- Davis)

    American Indian cultures in North America are studied from early cultures to contemporary society. Students will use a cross-disciplinary approach to examine applicable methods and theories that inform the distinct cultural and political organization, analyze and articulate concepts such as race, ethnicity, equity, ethnocentrism, self-determination, liberation, and settler colonialism by applying theory and knowledge produced by Native Americans.

    Course Oultine


    0357 Online
    0356 Classroom TTH 2 pm – 330 pm Emeritus 1529