Chicanx & Latinx Studies

Chicanx & Latinx Studies at Santa Rosa Junior College focuses on and prioritizes the culture, experiences, and contributions of Chicanx and Latinx communities with the context of U.S. society and culture. The program centers on the intellectual development of Chicanx and Latinx scholarship, the advancement of arts and literature, and the emergence of the Chicanx and Latinx Civil Rights Movements. Successful candidates may teach courses pertinent to Ethnic Studies and Chicanx and Latinx Studies and use different methodologies to engage all students in diverse learning experiences. Our goal is to foster student understanding and competency in Chicanx and Latinx Studies.

Course Schedules

Course Outlines

ETHST 20    Introduction to Ethnic Studies
ETHST 23    Introduction to Chicanx & Latinx Studies

For past course outlines, visit SRJC Course Outlines.